This series of images of the female body were created during the years 1977 to 1980. Only a handful of the photographs were published at the time. Now, issued in a limited edition set of three volumes, the books are published now in a printed slipcase together with a 16–page introductory booklet narrating the story of the project. Available at All That’s Left You.

The Globe Cinema

The first in a series of photo essays under the title “Memories”, this book has a selection of images of Cardiff’s Globe cinema taken in the early 1970s. Available at All That’s Left You.

The Gates · Central Park, New York

The second volume of the “Memories” series, this book documents an extraordinary installation in New York’s Central Park that was in place for just sixteen days in 2005. Available at All That’s Left You.

Sun & Moon

The third book of “Memories” documents photographic project from 1975. Images of a mythical struggle between Heaven and Earth, and Sun and Moon were intended to be displayed in a ring around a 12-sided lightbox. The project was never completed completed. The original transparencies and other background material came to light recently and are the basis of this book. A fold out poster is included. Available at All That’s Left You.

Monet’s Gardens · Giverny

Fourth in the ‘Memories’ series is a photo essay showing the flowerbeds and watergardens that Monet created and became the source of inspiration for his later work. Available at All That’s Left You.

Mike Pearson · The Lesson of Anatomy

This book was published for the restaging of Mike Pearson’ performance of The Lesson of Anatomy after a period of forty years. The book has my photographs of the 1974 show juxtaposed with photographs taken in 2014 by Russell Basford. Available at All That’s Left You.

Mike Pearson · Marking Time

A companion volume to In Comes I, this 288pp paperback book was launched recently at the Experimenta Festival in Cardiff. Written by the Professor of Performance Studies at Aberystwyth University, the book uses a history of theatre performance around the city to paint a version of Cardiff’s history, its fabric and make-up. “an extraordinary book” - Silvija Jestrovic, Theatre Research International

Mike Pearson · In Comes I

This 256 page book was designed for University of Exeter Press in 2006 and is joined this year by a companion volume Marking Time.
“In Comes I is beautifully designed: the images, layout and font transform the book into a kind of page-bound installation, a landscape to hold and move through. It feels good to look at and touch.” - New Theatre Quarterly

Worlds Bodies Matters

The first volume of Thinking Through Performance – a new series of translations of important critical theory about performance. This text by Valentina Valentini, Professor of Performing Arts at the University of Rome, examines the new roles of producers and audiences in contemporary theatre.

Three Last Letters

Limited edition book published for the world premiere of composer Craig Vear’s piece based on the last letters of Scott of the Antarctic and his companions, written at the end of the failed journey to the South Pole in 1912.

Performance Research Journal

A major redesign of the academic journal Performance Research. Now published six times a year, the journal aims to promote scholarship in the expanding field of contemporary performance studies across world cultures.

Valleys Kids: Templates for “Can You Hear Me?”

Rhondda-based children’s charity Valleys Kids commissioned me to design the cover and then to create InDesign template files that they could use themselves to produce this celebration of their work over the last thirty six years. “We are really pleased with the book. I’m also pleased that you are continuing to offer design services. You have been part of our development since you designed our logo and a key part of the materials we have produced.” Richard Morgan, Director of Valleys Kids.

Performance Cosmology

Book design for Performance Cosmology, published by the Centre for Performance Research at Aberystwyth University. The book explores the future challenges of performance and theatre through a series of interviews, testimonies and perspectives from leading international theatre practitioners and academics. A major feature of the design is a lengthy pictorial chronology of 30 years work of the Centre for Performance Research. The page designs were also used to create murals for the Centre offices.

99 Georgian Songs

Collection of traditional folk songs from the different regions of Georgia. The book is wiro-bound so it lies flat when open on a music stand.

The Secret Art of the Performer

Subtitled A Dictionary of Theatre Anthropology, this 280 page book is a lavishly illustrated sourcebook on Western and non-Western theatre. The book is widely used as a handbook for theatre practitioners as well as a guide for students and scholars of theatre practice in different cultures. “This is a work that is highly interesting and beautifully presented.” Theatre Research International


Images is a new series of photographic books from All That’s Left You. The first volume pictures Roath Park and surroundings in the winters of 2010 and 2011. The lake and trees appear in their frozen splendour.


The second volume in the Images series from All That’s Left You, this striking set of monochrome pictures are from West Wales and Cardiff taken in the late 1970s.


The third volume in the Images series from All That’s Left You, shows striking images from visits to the world’s design capital over several years.


The Images series from All That’s Left You continues with a photoessay on autumn days in the city of brotherly love.

A Girl & A Bike

Another Images book from All That’s Left You. This features a fashion-style photoshoot from 1976 for a promotional calendar. The images taken around Cardiff’s docks are a poignant reminder of the days before redevelopment changed the face of the area forever.

Over The Years

A new ‘Memories’ book from All That’s Left You. This autobio-photoessay gathers together stories and images from more than sixty years.